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Private Messaging

  • ZachMatthews


    I’ve read all the support threads. I know the current advice is to activate BuddyPress.

    That’s not a very clean solution. BuddyPress, with all due respect, is kind of a mess. I’ve worked and worked with it and I cannot get it to integrate with my theme (Pinboard–which incidentally wasn’t easy to integrate with BBPress either).

    I now have a fully capable copy of BBPress. I’ve got a very long set of CSS amendments in my theme page, but it works.

    If I activate BuddyPress I get major issues; initially it was breaking the whole site, then I built it a separate copy of the CSS file in a /css/ subdirectory and it at least ran. Theme integration was a disaster but I spent the time and got the profile pages looking ok. Then I tried to send a PM: fail. Fail on multiple levels, mostly in the PHP files — this is beyond theme integration. This is broken functionality.

    What we sorely need is a simple set of plug ins that do two things:

    (1) Allow private messaging. This really does not have to be complicated.

    (2) Allow moderators to customize profile fields.

    That’s it. No need to lay a very heavy second plugin over everything. (And BuddyPress takes up as much load time as BBPress itself per the Performance Profiler plug in).

    Are there any plug in developers out there with the knowledge to pull this off? Maybe we could pool some money and get someone started?


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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