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Private Forums Problem

  • Hi,

    iam using the Private Forums Plugin with bbPress in wich i created two Forums. The first one should be visible to all, unregisterd and registered members. The second one should be private. But if I want to set the Restriced Role from the second forum to “Registered Members” or higher, then the first forum didn’t appear to for all visitors who are under the Restriction Role setting. Do you have any ideas?



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  • No one here who can help me? Is there a alternative to this plugin?

    Edit: I just tested with the standart theme, and found out that the user can enter the forum and see the topics but he cant see the forums in the Forums table on the starting page

    JanEllers are you using the plugin from so10 from the plugin browser? Do you have the following checked?

    Hide Private Forums and Topics

    I have this working fine for me. Does it work with the main theme (for testing)?


    Hi Trent,

    thanks for your reply. I’am using this plugin:

    The hide-option is checked, and tested in both themes. The unregistered user can only Enter the Forums flagged “open for all” but that is useless when they cant see them ;)


    I am not 100% sure I am understanding. I have that exact plugin working on my forums and I have all the forums setup as “open to all” and just one forum (the last one) setup as “registered users only”. I have the checkbox to hide the forums checked.

    Logged in users can see the forum and the topics of the private forum.

    Non registered and non logged in users cannot see any of the topics in that forum or the forum itself.

    You are saying that these users can see the forum, but not the topics? Have you set the options at the bottom to what to show members if they enter an area that they shouldn’t be?


    I have three forums:

    1: Forum One (Open to all)

    2: Off Topic (Open to all)

    3: Intern (Only for registered)

    I tried it with other forum orders, or restriction roles, but nothing works.

    These Options are set:

    Hide Private Forums and Topics

    Error Message: “%s – login”

    Here you can see it:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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