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Private Forum Issues – Help Appreciated!

  • Hey All,

    I’d love some direction on this issue. I’m trying to create a section of my forums that is viewable only to certain members. Specifically, I use a plugin called “wishlist member” on my wordpress site (bbpress is the backend forum I’m now creating), and would like certain members to be the only ones able to access the private forums.

    I’ve seen these threads here:

    And the members plugin they refer to there does not work when I install it (for some reason i can not save new roles on the new role screen).

    Also, I’ve used the role-manager plugin to add new roles in bbpress but I can’t seem to be able to integrate that into the “private forums” plugin. Which would be one possible solution if anyobody knows.

    Or if anybody knows why the members plugin from the thread above would not be functionaing correctly, that’d be awesome.

    Or if anyone has an idea of an easy way to take members from my wordpress front end and make private forums viewable only to specific member roles, that’d be amazing.

    Thank you all for any help / contributions!


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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