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Private forum, how?



    How I could make bbPress not visible to users not logged in?

    Now one can see super sticky topics of private forums and the profile page.

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  • Same question from me! I would really appreciate knowing this one.

    I was able to get this partially accomplished using the Members Only plug in. Also, it helped a lot to put all my forums in a category, even though I do not have very many forums. At least, now the only thing my non-users will see is the goofy message “Oh brother. No forums where found here”, even though I do indeed have forums.

    HOWEVER, I still have the problem of the Forum Menu item appearing in my menu bar. I don’t know how to keep it out until users log in.

    I’ve spent the better part of a day fiddling with it and still it is here.

    If I can figure out which file has the “Oh Brother!” text in it, I could at least change it to say something like “This area requires user authorization”.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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