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Private : Forum Created User and WP admin can access that forum?

  • Ansif



    Currently, i’m integrating WooCommerce to bbpress for my project needs. Project is about selling services and consulting.

    Project Requirements :
    1. Users select their preferred services($$).
    2. Place the order.
    3. After successful payment. Users will re-direct to, automatically created forum page(Using bbp_insert_topic API). It’s created based on users order input fields. I’ve done that already.
    4. Created forums should be a private mode for that exact specific user and our WP admins.

    Issue is now, created forums are public and anyone can see it, even all logged in users can see that each of specific order details. 🙁

    Only the need is : Specific users(forum created user) and WP user will see and access that forum.

    I’m really missing private API from bbpress plugin. I don’t want bbpress social plugin. Because, i just need simple pre-defined private mode.

    Thanks! 🙂

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  • Robin W


    You may need to juggle a bit, but my Private Groups plugin filters forums for specific groups

    so a user belongs to a group or groups
    Forums belong to a group or groups

    users can see forums of the same group or groups.

    Post a topic on that plugins support desk if you need coding help

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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