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Prevent Users From Creating Topics

  • Hey there,

    I want to prevent users from creating new topics on my forum. I have everything synced with my WP installation, so new topics are created automatically with every new post.

    I guess I just want to remove the links from the forum template/theme to create new topics…is this possible?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Best Regards,


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  • actually I guess there is probably more to it than just removing the link…oh well if anyone has any ideas let me know :)

    This plugin should do just that!

    looks promising but says it’s only compatible up to version 0.9 and I have 1.0. :/

    Maybe I’ll try it out anyway

    yeah it doesn’t work. :( oh well

    all I want to do is prevent all users from starting topics on all forums, but still allow all new posts to from my blog to be imported via bb-sync and allow people to reply to them.

    If you found out how to do this ….I’d love to know the answer. I’m trying to set up a penny stock board but having mostly new topics will not work.

    On this forum were on now…you go to a topic and it has a reply box at the bottom. On my board when you click on a topic it shows a box to start a new topic? I tried playing around with the sub categories but then replies can’t be added ro posts there…I don’t know the answer.



    What you can do, is edit forum.php of your theme files and edit out

    <?php post_form(); ?>

    it’s at the very end, just before the call for the footer. This will display only the topics.

    You also edit, in both forum.php and front-page.php

    <th><?php _e('Topic'); ?> — <?php bb_new_topic_link(); ?></th>

    to become

    <th><?php _e('Topic'); ?></th>

    This should do it.

    thank you

    I did this (with shaky nervous fingers) and taa daa!!! it worked. They can still click on “hot tags” and create a new topic but that’s okay…they don’t see it EVERT time now. Thanks again….



    @mrsparex – I see, there was one more! :-)

    You can edit tag-single.php the same way as before, on these lines:

    <th><?php _e('Topic'); ?> — <?php bb_new_topic_link(); ?></th>

    <?php post_form(); ?>

    thank you bro

    Ben L.


    You could always use Role Manager and disable “Make new topics” for Members.



    I somehow managed to download the Read only forums plugin. Forgot how/where.

    You can grab it from my server:

    The only thing I found was that it didn’t remove the header (“New Topic in this Forum”) for read only forums. Oh well – it still works, which is grand.




    Hey Guys,

    I am using the latest version of bbpress and I want to stop users to create topics.



    This seems to do the trick…

    Bbpress Protected Forums

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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