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Premissions, those god damn premissions!!!!!!!

  • spaceinuface


    The permissions system that comes with bbpress is god damn awful. I strongly suggest someone take a look at making it a bit better.

    I’m trying my best her to set up some kind of permissions for the different parts of the forums on my page.
    It’s damn near impossible to get it working.
    I read up on these forums and saw that some other poor bastard got suggested that the plugin members might help him set up permissions. That is not the case because that pluggin hasn’t got premission to alter the roles set by bbpress.
    And if you make new roles it really doesn’t matter because you cannot select any other roles but the ones created by bbpress on registration.

    If i try to use the permissions set by bbpress there is problems. If i set “Spectator” as the default role on sign-up applicats will not have access to the private forums! GREAT! Yes but user in that role cannot make posts anywhere on the forums.

    If i put “participant” as the default role on sign-up applicats can make posts on the forum but they also have access to the private forums.

    Holy shit this is a mess!!!

    I want the default role to be able to make posts but not able to read private forums.

    Then i want to be able to update applicats that are aproved to “member” and give them access to private forums!

    And then I would like to have a role called, lets say Officers and when upgraded to officer you can access the hidden forums.

    HOW ON GODS GREEN EARTH DO I ACHIEVE THIS? And don’t tell me to install the members plugin because that pluggin CANNOT alter the bbpress roles and you cannot set anything else but the bbpress roles as default on signups!

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  • spaceinuface


    Its solved.

    Not sure what god has to do with this, but a normal question like ‘how about permissions on my forums’ would have been enough for me to tell you that I personally use ‘Members’ from Justin TadLock for roles and then ‘bbp private groups’ for the forums …

    Robin W


    Hope you felt better after your rant – and maybe next-time (asked very nicely 🙂 ) start by posing a question rather than ‘holy shit’-ting all over the place. We are here to help, but hurling abuse is unlikely to get a good response.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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