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  • BlinkyBill01


    Hey again,

    I’m not sure if my problem relates to my previous problem:

    (I haven’t been able to figure out the previous problem. Have contacted RocketTheme to help me out with it; still waiting on a reply)

    When I make a post it saves and the topic can be viewed in the forum listings. But when you click the link, it takes you to the correct post url but there is no content to the post. No text from the poster at all. All that is seen is the reply box and the notices saying what permissions you have.

    You can reply but the reply isn’t shown.

    In the bbPress panel in the Dashboard, I can view the posts and replies perfectly as well as edit them.

    Has this problem ever come up before? Is it related to my previous problem in the link above?

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  • AAShepAA


    I just updated the the current WordPress and current bbPress and have the same thing. Did you find any solutions?



    Just to add to this post – it doesn’t matter what theme I use – I have no posts/replies being listed – even if I use the stock bbPress TwentyTen.

    I really need help getting this back online.



    [SOLVED] for me at least.

    It was the plugin bbPress Shortcode Whitelist that was causing the issues! Deactivated and I am good to go!


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