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  • dice2dice


    Hi guys,

    Firstly my site is
    I have the latest version of both WordPress & BBPress.

    I have set up BBPress on my website but it’s not quite right. I haven’t set it up in a way that is good enough and I need to do more.
    I have spent the last hour reading through forums on this site but I can’t find the answers to my questions and problems. Granted I am probably a bit thick, I’m certainly nowhere near as smart as some of you guys on here, judging from the responses I’ve read in other comments.
    So what is wrong with my set up? Well the forum is separate from posts. Users or members can also comment in posts and the comment function comes from Jetpack. The Jetpack comments doesn’t show up on the BBPress forum member activity and I don’t even get notification of comments, I just find them if I’m lucky.
    It is obviously silly to have two systems and I need to switch off the Jetpack comment feature but I don’t know what BBPress add-on or Pluggin I should use. Can you help?
    Also, I think I’d like people to have the option of registering with their social media login (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn), is that possible?
    I have a BBPress Member login Widget which handily goes in a sidebar but it doesn’t allow users to register instead of logging in and I kind of think it should because they usually do. Is there a solution to this?
    Lastly, I think I should have a separate page on my WordPress site for Forums. That just makes sense to me, is this feasible?
    I know I’ve raised too many points here I think. If you have any suggestions on any of them, doenst need to be all I’d very gratefully love to read them.
    To recap my queries are:
    – BBPress Pluggin for posts to replace Jetpack
    – Social Media Login – Is this possible?
    – BBPress Member login widget – can it include register?
    – Forum Page – Can I set one up?
    If you have suggestion for any of these issues, doesn’t have to be all of them I’d love to get your feedback.
    Many thanks, Dice

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  • dice2dice


    Has anyone used ‘bbPress Topics for Posts’?

    I’d love to hear from someone who has used it.

    Thanks, Dice

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