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Posts not visible to users and cropped forum header image showing up on forum index, non-registered forum visibility issues

  • sb05


    WordPress 3.4.2 / bbPress 2.1.2 / site:

    Have never used bbPress before so bear with me.

    The main problem is all non-admin/author/etc users (including public) cannot see any of the posts (confirmed with a test account as both a basic and paid user). Anybody that’s not a user essentially can see the posts though. Can provide screenshots or test logins if needed.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, after a WordPress update, a cropped version of the main logo for the site started showing up on the forum index after ‘Forums by’.

    There also seems to be an issue with public visibility of all the forums on the index (have checked permissions/etc). They all show up to a logged in user but only 2 of them show up for a non-registered/public user and bots indexing the site.

    Have tried a number of things so far that i have found in other topics here: Disabling Akismet (and a number of other plugins to see if there are any conflicts), Deactivating and Reactivating bbPress, deleting and re-creating the forums, and more.

    At this point I am a little lost, and not sure how to fix these and really would like to avoiding having to completely re-install bbPress/Wordpress.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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