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Posts lost :(

  • This morning when I logged in, I noticed a big chunk of the posts on my forum were gone. I still have posts from the beginning and some recent ones, but a large batch of posts from the middle was lost :(

    Any ideas on why or how I could get them back ?

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  • chrishajer


    You need direct access to the database with something like phpMyAdmin. If the posts are still in the database, you will be able to get them back. If they’re not there, you might have access to something like binary logs for MySQL, but that’s a long shot.

    Any idea why the middle ones are gone? I mean, how did that happen?

    Do you have any database backups that you can recreate from?

    Unfortunately, not only they aren’t in the DB, but I don’t have a usable backup either (the last full backup I have is from about two weeks ago and the daily backup has the same thing as.. what i see).

    Another weird thing is that some days ago, in my Akismet spam list I found some posts from way back (that weren’t spam, but.. why check them if they were already “accepted” ?).

    So I suspect that something might have triggered a full check and it automagically deleted what it considered spam or something..

    So, I lost about a month and some of posts :(



    If they’re not in the database and you don’t have a good backup, the only possibility I can think of is the binlog for MySQL. That’s probably not possible on a shared host.

    You might want to turn off Akismet in your config for now, to see if that’s what caused the problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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