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#postform bug found?

  • I have come across a link in the forums that seems to do nothing past 404’ing out. I thought it was only present in my forum since I’ve been heavily reconfiguring it. However, even posting this message I see the bug here, unless I don’t understand it correctly. Above this post box, there is an h2 element with a post-form class which says “Add New Topic »”. Only the “»” is hyperlinked to:

    (which 404’s out). This behavior is consistent on my forum as well. The offending??? code is in:


    Search for $h2 and you should be able to find it.

    I found this applies to the “Add New Topic” message, as well as the “New Topic In This Category” message, but only if there is no current topic in that category.

    Is this a bug, groundwork for a future feature, or am just not catching the vision of something earthshattering?

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  • If you are talking about this page with the hyperlinked >> then it would be a bug and I will file a TRAC ticket for it:


    Great…thanks. Any idea what the behavior SHOULD be? (if it’s supposed to be hyperlinked at all)

    I think that link is for getting to a defined div in the forums viewing page (as create new topic is already at the bottom of page), while on the main page, that link takes you to a new page. I could be missing it, but the link is created the same on both pages and it really only works on the one page. It doesn’t need to be linked on the page in question I guess!


    This is still an issue for me. I downloaded bbPress a few days ago. I don’t have a reply form when viewing single topics. When I click the >> next to Reply, I get the following path: topic/13?replies=1#postform (I’m using pretty urls)

    What is the correct path to the reply form?

    I solved this by copying the files to the server again.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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