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Post won’t show up until you logout/login

  • Tukaram


    WordPress 5.2.1
    bbPress Version 2.5.14
    Problem persists in Themes twenty seventeen, boss, and donovan.

    Just set up bbPress yesterday and having a few issues. (should I make a different topic for each?)

    When I make a post, it does not show up on the forum until I log out and log back in. I have tried it with my admin account, test account, chrome, firefox, and explorer. I changed themes (twenty seventeen, boss, and donovan) and the problem is the same.

    Also, I just noticed the post list is not updating. It will say, for example, last post 34 seconds ago… refresh, go to the blog and back to the forum – still 34 seconds ago. Log out, log in now it says 8 minutes ago. And the newer post are there. Nothing changes without logging out.

    Is there a weird cache issue? I have no idea what I am talking about…

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  • Tukaram


    Edit =
    Just checked in on my Android phone and the problem is there also



    Ok… I hate to spam my own post but it is not my fault your “edit” option is so short lived.

    I figured out the problem. When I asked about cache – I went and saw that I was running a caching addon. I turned it off, and the post now show up as you post them. No logout/login needed. This is good. (Wp Super Cache Version 1.6.7)

    Robin W


    no problem, glad you are fixed

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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