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Post track seen in freshness column for forbidden user (bbP private groups)

  • namruf15


    Hello, I’m not sure if I found a bug or it is a feature. I’m using WordPress website as a forum. I have three private groups where each have access for different forums. Under one category I have four forums – one group has access to three forums and other to the last one. When someone will put a post to one of the forums, person from group which is not permitted to see the post, can see in freshness column, that someone has wrote something (still he is not able to see the post but in fact he can see the action). Two screenshots for picture the issue:

    On pictures I’m logged into account which don’t have permissions to view the forum, to which post has been added. I’ll be grateful for any hint how to solve this issue.

    Wordpress version – 4.7.1
    bbPress version – 2.5.12
    bbP private group version – 3.2.10



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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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