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Post toolbar plugin for bbpress 2

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  • Hi. In the plugin directory I have included a folder named smilies. Copy this directory and its contents into the ./wp-content/ directory.


    mv ./wp-content/plugins/bbpress-post-toolbar/smilies ./wp-content/ -r

    If you want to change the smilies, take a look at the package-config.php file inside the smilies directory mentioned above and you can probably work out how to switch the files, or add more to the set.


    I think I’ll update my plugin so that instead of defaulting to WordPress’ smilies, it’ll defaults to the smilies folder in the plugin dir.

    ie: Order of preference will become:

    if option allows custom smilies:




    WordPress’ default set.

    Ok, so I’ve got it detecting the smilies in either the /wp-content/plugins/bbpress-post-toolbar/smilies/ folder or the /wp-content/smilies/ folder.

    I recommend that people copy of move the folder from the bbpress-post-toolbar directory so that any custom smilies are not overwritten on an upgrade to the plugin.


    Are there any place on the web to download compatible Smiley packages ?

    I’m not sure. But it’s really just a collection of images, and a PHP array that binds a particular smiley code (e.g. ‘:)‘) to a specific image file, (e.g. ‘smile.png’).

    So it’s really quite easy to piece together your own smiley package. I might be interested in hosting some on my website as a central and related place for distribution.

    The array is practically an overwrite of the array that handles the WordPress’ default smilies.

    PS. I’m about to update the plugin to allow this fallback to plugin’s smiley dir, among a few other things that I’ve thought of over the last hour.

    Ok, I’ve updated it to 0.3.0, you can get it here: when that updates.


    I got the auto update !


    What is the purpose of the CODE button ?

    I’m asking this beacause,

    I need to allow people to post their Bandcamp players in our forums … Bandcamp offers iframe AND shortcode for … but those shortcodes are not compatible with my wordpress install …

    Here you can see an example (clic on SHARE then WORDPRESS):

    or here

    Is there a way I could use your toolbar to get bandcamp players work in bbpress Forums ?

    PS. I tried to install the WP Bandcamp plugin, but it handles yet another shortcode ; not compatible with the SHARE option of the players …



    Nice little plugin there..

    couple of suggestions.

    1. only enqueue the js on forum pages

    2. Don’t auto insert the bar, or at least give us the option to place it manually into our theme where we want it to show up.

    Good ideas anointed. I’ll make the auto-insertion optional.

    m-jay: The code button just adds the HTML <code> tag. I haven’t done anything to prevent HTML inside the code block from being parsed or from being blocked by WordPress/bbPress. I also don’t really have any intention to do so.

    Allowing <iframe> to be posted would pose a potential security risk, and the safest would perhaps use a shortcode. See if there are any plugins that give a bandcamp shortcode, there is bound to be one.

    is there a way to change the white background into black? i cant find a css class that work but i have a dark blog.

    Look in toolbar.css in the plugin folder. #post-toolbar

    anointed will enjoy 0.4.1 in that it has the option to have manual bar insertion.

    It also means that the deletion JavaScript isn’t necessary to show as there any place it is at should be the desired place, so manual insertion doesn’t insert that JavaScript.

    I had a minor derp moment on the subversion in that I made a mistake with 0.4.0, so made it 0.4.1 really quickly -_-

    Should be good.

    Now i’m going to have a small break and give some attention to my girlfriend :)

    problem: i cant see smileys. i try copy to wp-content. change settings… all but i cant see the smileys.

    have you an idea?

    EDIT: …and can you make this bar for the normal wordpress comments? only without images and youtube? i search for a lot of time for a good postbar for comments.

    To show the graphical smilies you must first allow graphical smilies in WordPress. Do that by going into Settings > Writing and ticking the “Convert emoticons like :) …”

    That will allow standard WP smilies and show the smiley panel on the toolbar. The custom smileys is an option in the toolbar settings page.

    I’ll look into where a relevant action hook is for the comments section as well as the id/name of the comment postbox. But I’ll really only be able to test this for the TwentyTen, TwentyEleven and BuddyPress default themes at this time.

    Thanks for help. i have deactivate the smileys in wordpress.. now i can see it in postbar.

    great plugin ;)


    can you say a little bit more to upload function in new version? i cant deactivate it in options. when images allowed the upload allowed too. thats not so nice.

    and… where are save the images? special folder?



    Saves it to the uploads folder, specifically the current month. Check In media in WordPress admin to see the files.

    I will make it optional.

    thanks i dont will use it.

    but when… a special folder are better for me personally. a folder like “forum images” or so.



    Just pushed 0.5.1, uploading is now optional. Scripts and style are enqueued, but not only on forum pages yet.

    thanks. Works great. Is there any hardcode way to change the folder to uploads/forum?

    another question… is there a way to change the sitze of embed youtube videos?

    can i insert other videos? from, etc.?



    I’m thinking of redoing some of the current toolbar buttons/panels.

    Yes, I will add more video content providers eventually. I’ll just have to source out the information first.



    Ok, just worked on some pretty cool things.

    0.5.5 brings a bit more flex. It brings dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo to the video providers.

    Youtube panel is now known as Videos panel for online video providers. Still has the youtube image.

    All the buttons are in a set of four ‘child’ plugins: That is, they need to be activated at the plugins activation page.

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