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Post by Email & Social Media Integration

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  • Spencer Hill


    Kay Hagen, a contributor on the WordPress Core, developed this Post by Email Plugin that could be extended, probably extremely easily, to support Custom Post Types. Which it could then be adopted into BBPress to create a support ticket or help desk scenario.

    That was a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project and is an awesome plugin.

    You should take a look at @rmccue‘s bbPress plugin It works quite well but is a little complex to setup.

    There are no current plans to integrate this feature into bbPress core and the recommendation is to use a plugin for this feature.

    Spencer Hill


    Thanks for the reference Stephen. I had seen this but didn’t want to spend the time on it without a reference that it functions the way I need it since, as you mentioned, the setup was rather complicated. But thank you! I’ll give it a shot now and report back here for future users.

    PS I wouldn’t expect this to be a core BBPress feature either but that’s helpful to know either way.

    THANK YOU for your time Stephen.



    I found I GitHub stuff mentioned above really complex to setup and having a few glitches. So have fixed them, added full configurability for the messages sent. Currently working on attachments and translations.

    All of this is packed into the plugin, with all third party software needed, so now it is installable like any other WordPress plugin.

    You still need to setup a free PostMark account and configure reply e-mail redirect, if you do not want to see the PostMark address in reply-to (which might be confusing for your users). Detailed step-by-step howto is on my plugin page.

    BR, Jj



    I’d love to talk to you about taking this base functionality and applying it to a different need.

    I AM WILLING TO PAY for this functionality.

    The purpose for my plugin would be completely different, but it does involve automated creation of posts and outgoing emails for each post. Here’s what it would like:

    1. Each forum could be connected to an individual POP inbox. Any mails that came into that Inbox would either create a new post or append to an existing post (based on either new or matching subject line). I would prefer this to the PostMark method.

    2. New forum posts (or replies to other posts) would be sent to an email address that would be configurable per forum, and sent AS an email address that would be configurable per forum.

    3. The usual use would be to allow two-way communication between a listserv/mailing list and a forum. The pop mailbox account mentioned in step 1 would be subscribed to the list. Any messages sent to the list would end up in that mailbox and result in new forum topics or posts. Any new forum topics/posts would result in an email being sent AS the mailbox user to the proper email address for the listserv, so that any new forum posts would end up in the mailing list as well.

    4. In-Reply-To headers should be tracked so that responses to an actual email would contain the In-reply-to header that it is in reply to.

    5. Some sort of anti-spam must be in place so that new users cannot subscribe and then blast the external mailing list w/spam by making a bunch of posts. I’m fine with using an existing anti-spam feauture plug-in, as long as this plugin only sent emails once a given post/user was blessed by that system.

    There are some other minor features that I would need, but these are the basics.

    I AM WILLING TO PAY to have this developed.

    Spencer Hill


    Hey @wcpreston – I’m available by phone [removed – didn’t need to post your number] or email spencerhill –

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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