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Possible to setup “Master Forums”?

  • PDidee


    I was wondering if it’s possible to set up master forums with bbPress. We have a client that has a courses site and would like to setup forums for each course. So this page for example: would be one of multiple “master” forums.

    Other items they are looking to implement that may or may not be available through this plugin include:

    • different master forums for different courses on site as mentioned above
    • each master forum has sub-forums, then threads
    • on threads, responses to topic or other responses get nested (saw this as an option and have it enabled but I’m not seeing the replies indented at the moment on the test link above)
    • option for people to receive an email per forum post, or a daily digest per that sub-forum
    • ability to turn email for each sub-forum on/off – or switch to daily digest vs. individual posts
    • exception is Announcements sub-forum – everyone should be automatically subscribed to individual messages email, can change to daily digest, but users CANNOT turn off emails for this sub-forum
    • note: it may be wise to have a spot on the My Account page (a tab?) where users can edit their email preferences for all the forums at once
    • only admins can start new threads in Announcements sub-forum; other forums anyone can start a new thread
    • we are creating a participant directory — the front-end needs to have links to for users to view a participant’s forum posts, or the forum threads they’ve started (currently, these are two separate links)

    Any help or info you can provide would be super appreciated.

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  • Robin W


    too longer a list for free help from me I’m afraid, but you will probably need my private groups plugin

    Private groups

    briefly – for master think category, then forums as ‘sub forums’ , threads (nested) are in the bbpress plugin, email per forum post – yes the rest is a mixture of easily doable and a some custom work.

    contact me via if you want further help



    Thanks so much your plugin worked great! Question, is it possible to change user roles based on Forum category?

    I’ve setup custom user roles and have assigned them but I want to change the participant and keymaster names based on the form category they are currently in.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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