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Possible to make some forums admin-only on post creation?

  • Can you do this, say if I want someone to view my ‘news’ forum and be able to reply to existing posts within a given forum, but not be able to create new posts?

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  • I want the same thing for my bbportal plugin, but it’s isn’t supported yet. There are some plugins that come close, but don’t fill this need.

    Basicly you want to restrict new post creation for all members except the admin/mods for that special forum….

    Exactly Null, exactly right. Fingers crossed for a plugin/update! :)

    Can’t you just throw a quick-and-dirty conditional PHP statement around the post form in forum view?

    Just open your theme’s forum.php and stick a if( userisadmin() && forumid = 666 ) { ... } around your post form. I have no idea what the actual functions are, that’s just pseudocode.

    Nah too complicated, need a plugin or something :D

    Most simple is to just hide the chosen forum from the list (while creating a topic) from all members except the mods/admins…

    I might have something in mind that might work. Let me do some thinking on it, but it might be easy enough to incorporate a plugin that only allows admin/mod topic creation and everyone else to post using a similar technique I used in the YouTube plugin. Give me some time on this one…


    You’re an amazing guy, Mr. Trent. :) We’ll give you all the time in the world, of course, and simply be grateful if/when you’re able to cobble something together!

    Any progress Trent?

    I will be working on things this weekend….been too busy lately! I do have some ideas that might work though!


    I had a look at this on the weekend and created a plugin to do this. It isn’t quite working correctly and I hope to have a look at it again in the next couple of days! I would love it if so10 could just adjust his “private forums” plugin to do this! I haven’t tried adjusting that one, but rather another plugin out there! We’ll see….


    Well I know how much time it takes to write a plugin :)

    I do want to request to make this a stand alone plugin and no modification of the private forums plugin, cause I want to merge it with my bbPortal plugin (with your permission ofcourse) and that is done most easily with a stand alone plugin…



    Anything ever come of this?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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