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Poor formatting of forum names and descriptions if very long

  • Some poor formatting occurs when a very long description is used for a forum. The main page showed the forum and its description split across two lines like this:

    A Place for

    Anything – Anything and everything goes, within the bounds of the forum’s friendly ethos. If none of the other, specialised

    (note: the description actually is longer than that, and causes a horizontal scroll bar to appear in the browser; also note that the forum name was split onto the second line).


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  • chrishajer


    Sounds like you need a shorter description or you need to use some CSS to change the size of the text, hide the overflow or break it onto 2 lines. Maybe you need to make the table cell taller. I don’t see a link to your forum so I can’t suggest exactly what CSS to change to make that happen.


    I just installed bbPress “out of the box” without any site-specific changes (the website isn’t officially launched):




    In your template file called front-page.php, find the section that outputs the table of forums (#forumlist) and make the cells taller or fixed width and variable height or something. It can all be done in your template files and your style.css.

    Thanks. I guess my point was really that the ‘out of the box’ program didn’t format things nicely (as I would have expected it to do, without needing to hack around in CSS). I don’t mind doing that, just that one of the benefits of bbpress is its simplicity (and why I want to switch over from phpBB3 to it).

    Thanks again,


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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