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plugins in my-plugins not installing

  • Steven Hodson


    While I am going through this process of converting SMF to bbPress I am trying to install some plugins but have run up against a problem. For single file plugins there is no problem they can be activated. The problem comes when trying to activate a plugin in its own folder ie:



    The same applies as well to the base bb-plugin folder.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

    I should note that this is an install running on a Win Server with all the PHP/MySQL goodies installed.

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  • What are the permissions of the folders in your /my-plugins/ folder?

    Steven Hodson


    being a Win Server the permissions are 755 IIRC. As I said if it is a single file plugin and dropped in the my-plugins folder there is no problem activating them the problem only occurs when it is a plugin in a self-contained folder dropped into the my-plugins folder (see screencap )

    Ben L.


    What version of bbPress are you using? 1.0 and up have a fix for this.

    Steven Hodson


    First off I figured out what the problem is. It seems that when you have a self-contained plugin folder installed into the bb-plugins and my-plugins folder the link to that plugin in the Admin area to active (and I imagine de-activate) has a double backslash between the plugin folder name and the actual file


    …. plugins.php?plugin_request=all&action=activate&plugin=user%23smiley-choice\bb-schoice.php&_wp ….

    as you can see there is a double backslash between the ‘smiley-choice’ folder name and the actual file ‘bb-schoice.php.

    Now @Nightgunner5 I had a look at the patch file code .. my question is what file is this added to?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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