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Plugins being automatically deactivated?

  • Is this possible? This is what developer said that plugin shuts down and then forum posting cannot be viewed. Have to go in and reactivate plugin to make forum work. Also I cannot activate plugins saying that it is activated at the top but not in the list where it remains as deactivated. I am using the latest version of 0.9.

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  • chrishajer


    What plugin are you talking about and is it a WordPress or bbPress plugin? Are you integrated with WordPress or WPMU? Maybe you are using an incompatible or unnecessary plugin.



    There isn’t a single bbPress plugin I am aware of that deactivates itself.

    Any particular reason you didn’t mention which plugins were behaving like that?

    There is an undocumented safe-mode option which deactivates all plugins but I can’t imagine why you’d have that activated in bb-config.php



    Sometimes if there is a problem with bbPress data in general, certain plugins will deactivate on their own:

    Which plugin(s) deactivated? And what other plugins are you using?

    it is the polls for bbpress that is deactivating. I have a lot of plugins, avatars, bavatars, polls, askimet, reputation plugins and several others



    QuickD – what version of bbPress are you using, and are you integrated with WordPress?

    unable to activate any plugins

    I get this message when I have deleted polls entirely from plugin directory.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bb_polls_pre_poll() in /home/content/a/l/e/alexander9999/html/forums/bb-templates/blank2rbbpress/topic.php on line 2

    I am using Bbpress

    Sam Bauers


    Your theme depends on functions in the plugin you removed.



    John pointed out something interesting.

    even though bbPress 0.9 doesn’t use bb_meta, there still could be corrupt bb_options, which would be topic 0 in the bb_topic_meta table in your database.

    You are getting the poll error from your template because the plugin doesn’t exist anymore and the function is missing.

    If you have phpmyadmin you can inspect under bb_topic_meta, meta_key active_plugins

    In theory you could delete that and then you’d have to reactivate all your plugins.

    (I would backup the db first)

    Anybody want to help me out with this. I am not an expert. I need someone to actually do it for me. :)

    what would i need to delete on line 2 just bb_polls_pre_poll

    I am assuming that this has nothing to do with the issue of the plugins not activating



    QuickD, your developer should be able to help you out with this, more easily than anyone of us can do remotely via telegraph.

    He is not available until Tuesday

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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