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Plugin to upload a profile picture bbPress

  • Howdoisound


    WordPress version: 3.4.1
    bbPress version: 2.1.2

    I am looking for a way to allow users to upload profile pictures on their bbPress profiles. Currently, even as admin, I see no option to upload an image to display my profile. I thought that uploading a user profile image would be a feature that is built in to bbPress, or that a standard bbPress plugin could be found to enable this functionality, but have not been able to find such a plugin.

    Any guidance would be MUCH appreciated, and I thank you, the amazing bbPress community, in advance for your care and direction.

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  • Paul


    Profile pictures are a WordPress setting, not specifically bbpress. WordPress calls profile pictures ‘Avatars’ and you will find the settings for Avatars under the ‘Discussion’ link under ‘Settings’ on the Admin Dashboard.

    By default WordPress does not allow users to upload their own Avatars to your WordPress website but instead uses a third party host called Gravatar. If you want your uses to upload directly to wordpress then you will need to install a plugin that allows them to do this. Search in the plugin directory on for ‘avatar’. I am currently evaluating Add Local Avatar for the the site I manage, seems to work OK.



    You should eveluate Simple Local Avatar:

    I’did, and it is working ok.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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