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Plugin: Support forum version 2.0

  • Sam Bauers


    I have just uploaded a new major version of the Support forum plugin. This version fixes a couple of bugs, but more importantly moves the plugin into an object oriented class. I have chosen to make it PHP5 only, I hope that doesn’t affect anyone too badly.

    This version is recommended for all users of the plugin.

    Should be available from here soon:

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  • PHP5 only :(

    I for one still run PHP4.x (well my host company does), don’t know what the majority runs, but I don’t think that is PHP5…

    Like this plugin though! What was fixed, changed?

    Sam Bauers


    You could easily adapt the plugin to run under PHP4. Check out and for information on the differences.

    Here is a copy of the changelog for 2.0

    * Object-orientation

    * Made admin page more serious

    * Added visual feedback when changing a topic’s status

    * Limited javascript addLoadEvent call to topic pages only

    * Admin page feedback now uses bb_admin_notice()

    * Added GPLv2 license details

    * Added support for bb_admin_add_submenu()

    The change to OOP is mostly to help accommodate a future feature where you will be able to specify which forums will be support forums instead of just all forums like it is now.

    Sam Bauers


    The 2.0 version of the plugin is now available, the plugin browser has either caught up or someone has given it a kick.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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