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plugin Request=> notification options

  • hi again :))

    al of you know that notification email is very important for tracing a post

    i am using post – notification plug in

    but it need to be better:

    don’t send any email until you visit the post from your email link

    i got crazy this month because for every new post i will give notification email and the trafficked of my forum is high

    many other forum systems have this feature

    so i recommend this:

    an option for users to select didgist summary or per post or until he/she visit(default!)

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  • _ck_


    I’ve been considering making this ability but it really worries me about the volume of email if someone subscribes to many, many topics. Spam filters, not to mention your server host can trigger bans if too much email is being sent.

    But I do have all the routines I need however to build such a plugin based on code from my signatures plugin and ignore member plugin. (Digests are another matter however, that’s a bit of work and requires tracking of last message seen, which is not natively built into bbpress)

    There is just too much to create but too little time to do it though. I’ve got too many little projects going.

    hum i c…

    you can see smf or vb forums they have it

    i think you can get good ideas…

    also the content of email must be


    name of topic

    link of topic

    link to unsubscribe from topic

    text of last respons

    also never forget to put strings in __ and _e

    for my view yu have forgotten!!

    also never forget to putting load plug in function and po files

    :) coffee?

    this should be default option of bbPress

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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