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Plugin Request: Garage

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  • What are the main features you’re looking for… the ability to store extra pre-configured fields in each topic?

    I would it be separate from the forums. maybe another tab in a person’s profile. (maybe I should ask bp people?)

    People can upload their car picture(s) and fill out pre determined fields.

    You will have a link under their name when they post saying garage where you see the person vehicle, like you see their profile. That would be the minimal and the starting point.

    Then more complex:

    -Have a directory of all the people’s car, maybe looking like the groups in bp (

    -Have rating on the car

    -Top Rating, Random, Search, and Last updated.

    -Add more than one car, more than one picture

    I realized that means you are basically creating a photo album with fields.

    Yah it looks like you need two main sets of features:

    * Photo uploads (you can use bb-attachments for this, although you’d have to mod it)

    * Extra fields tied to each topic (i.e. store data in topic-meta)

    There’s discussion of topic meta here:

    You could a few existing plugins as is:



    Hope that points you in the right direction! You probably need a developer to help you build/adapt the plugins you need… good luck!

    Olaf Lederer


    I don’t think that “only” some plugins will do the job, this looks to me like a custom version for bbpress. Actually it looks like a market place…

    What is your budget for this job?

    Olaf, I never hired anyone to do such a project, email me my BB user name and throw me a number.

    gerikg –

    If you want to write a post asking for plugin developers to bid on a project, you can do so here… but the forum policy is to just post your project description and your email and then a moderator will close the post:

    If you want to discuss the project in general, you can always do so… just a heads up on the forum policy around soliciting bids on a project. :-)

    johnhiler, okay thanks. I do want to discuss it because there are people like you who suggestions are very helpful. And it makes it easier. I’ll see if I can start putting plugins together. I’ll start working on a plan..

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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