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PLUGIN REQUEST: Form on post to new thread

  • InTempest


    Archived old site: imapiece .com/connect1/
    New wordpress site curently being developed: imapiece .com/
    WP version: 4.8.1
    BBPress Version: 2.5.13
    (I broke the links and removed the https:// because the previous posts I made where all the links worked were never approved by mods and stayed in limbo, just take out the space before .com and they’ll work)

    I am moving my current guild forums from PHPbb to buddypress/bbpress in wordpress.
    There is one thing I can’t seem to find, and ive been looking around everywhere and it seems im not the only one looking.
    bbpress .org/forums/topic/looking-for-an-application-plugin

    Here is what im looking for, user registers and then applys for a specific group by going to a page with the php form and on submission the post is made in a specified forum.

    So lets say there is a page with links to the groups pages and on each page is a application to join that group because the cosplayers have different questions than car guys or wow players. User fills out the app and when they submit it creates a new thread in that groups recruitment forum.

    Here is the addon that I use with phpbb
    phpbb .com/customise/db/extension/application_form

    Here are some screenshots of it in its current use

    Front end application
    Front end view

    Then it creates a new post with New Application from %username
    Creating new post

    Then in the output view it has it in its own post
    guild view of applicant

    Has anyone seen ANYTHING from bbpress or buddy press that can do this? I have been looking and as mentioned I can’t find a solution anywhere. Closest I found was an option in gravity forms to send to trello or via email but that doesn’t make a new thread in a pre determined forum where community members can access and respond to it. I’m bootstrapping this myself if anyone knows a place that contracts this stuff out. I don’t have a lot of money, but the guild is dying and i dont know what else I can do.

    Thank you for any information you may have available,

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  • Jake Hall



    There aren’t any plugins that serve this purpose primarily. You would be best taking a look at a form script, such as Ninja Forms or Contact-7, and look at either:

    1. Requesting the fujnctionality from the plugin author -or-
    2. Take a look at how bbPress posts are saved to the DB and try and create a plugin yourself (just be careful with this and make sure you don’t open any holes by not sanitzing data correctly)

    Or alternatively you could pay some to do it. I think it is unlikely this will be created as a standalone plugin so your best bet is to try asking an author of an existing contact form plugin

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