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plugin request: Ajax for submit post

  • Hi i found that the bbpress had ajax utility for posting rea but it removed i don;t know the reasons!

    but i think everyone will be agree with me it would be nice if there is ajax plugin for bbpress post area

    fastY easy and user friendly feature i hav no technichal knowledge so who like to start it…

    i will test it and get feed back :)

    _ck_ ?

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  • There already is a trac for this made. Since mdwaffe made a ajax posting plugin for bbPress and he also builds this forum, I think there is a big change we’ll get it back.

    With any luck, perhaps in the next release :)

    oh so duo you have any news about time of next release?

    Nope, once a month mdawaff comes out of his cave, fixes a ton of bugs and crawls back again.

    No 1 can find him afterwards, no 1 knows when he will appear again….

    And one day, you check this site and a new release is there…..

    The end :)



    Bump for ajax posting someday to return now that jquery is the standard.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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