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    Basically I’m working on a plugin for bbpress that will skip wordpress all together ( no offense wordpress :-) )

    Frankly I think wordpress is too advanced for the average “myspace” type user / target visitor. And, I want to have a community like system like myspace or livejournal.

    So I want to basically add a blog section to bbpress where you can keep a private journal… with privacy options on each blog entry to either Private or Public, and if you select Public it will put it in a Forum as a new topic for people to discuss.

    I was hoping to get a few pointers as to what functions to look at to help me achieve this through bbpress or if I should even continue doing this and try to customize wordpress-mu instead to fit the visitor

    Heres what I have looked at so far:

    1) Add new topic / Write blog



    <label for=”forum_id”><?php _e(‘Pick a section:’); ?>

    <?php forum_dropdown(); ?>


    <!– DIRT_PRIVACY –>

    Set the privacy:

    <select name=”dirt_privacy” id=”dirt_privacy” tabindex=”6″>

    <option value=”public” selected>Public</option>

    <option value=”private”>Private</option>


    <small>**Choose ‘Private’ if you want this to be a blog only readable by you</small>


    <?php endif; ?>

    <p class=”submit”>

    <input type=”submit” id=”postformsub” name=”Submit” value=”<?php _e(‘Send Post’); ?> »” tabindex=”4″ />

    bb-includes/functions.php -> bb_new_topic();

    function bb_new_topic( $title, $forum, $tags = '' ) {

    // function bb_new_topic( $title, $forum, $tags, $dirt_privacy = ” ) {

    global $bbdb, $bb_cache, $bb_current_user;

    $title = apply_filters(‘pre_topic_title’, $title, false);

    $forum = (int) $forum;

    $now = bb_current_time(‘mysql’);

    if ( $forum && $title ) {

    // if ($dirt_privacy==’public’){

    // ADD AS NORMAL TOPIC HERE (depending on whether ‘adding new topic’ or ‘writting new blog’, determine whether to add as default normal Forum Topic (public) or include in users blog but also as public Blog Forum Topic

    $bbdb->query(“INSERT INTO $bbdb->topics

    (topic_title, topic_poster, topic_poster_name, topic_last_poster, topic_last_poster_name, topic_start_time, topic_time, forum_id)


    (‘$title’, $bb_current_user->ID, ‘{$bb_current_user->data->user_login}’, $bb_current_user->ID, ‘{$bb_current_user->data->user_login}’, ‘$now’, ‘$now’, $forum)”);

    $topic_id = $bbdb->insert_id;

    if ( !empty( $tags ) )

    add_topic_tags( $topic_id, $tags );

    $bbdb->query(“UPDATE $bbdb->forums SET topics = topics + 1 WHERE forum_id = $forum”);

    $bb_cache->flush_many( ‘forum’, $forum_id );

    do_action(‘bb_new_topic’, $topic_id);

    return $topic_id;

    //} elseif ($dirt_privacy == ‘private’) {



    } else {

    return false;



    Sorry if I’m a bit confusing as I am a bit confused right now :-)

    Again, any functions/documentation/help I should look at would be appreciated.

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  • I don’t know if it is possible, but is there any way to do this without having to hack the core files? It sure sounds like a great idea!


    Has this been abandoned? because I see this forum has a blog area, would be nice if we could get a conformation on this.

    I think that he has switched to phpBB so it looks like it is abandoned for right now.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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