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Plugin: Plugin browser for bbPress

  • Now available in the “Extend” area.

    This plugin adds a plugin browser to the administration area of bbPress. Using this browser you can view the latest versions of the plugins available via the official bbPress plugin repository, you can install them and also upgrade them when new versions become available.


    This plugin used to be known as the super secret plugin

    Note: the plugin only manages plugins that it has installed, it won’t magically find all your existing plugins. However, re-installing is a trivial exercise through the browser.

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  • Yes, I know all that, but I was talking about Subversion clients, which I don’t know as much about.

    I also don’t know if LiteSpeed can do subversion, LiteSpeed doesn’t do DAV at last check.

    Subversion repositories tend to be set up more cautiously, so performance doesn’t really get a look in.



    Sounds like the pre-complied version list to download would be best then. It also allows you to do emergency holds or rollbacks if something in the SVN is discovered to be spyware or malware of somekind.

    The version list could then be gzipped and even mirrored dynamically on trusted sources (like the supposed triple mirror runs on)



    Thought you might like what I re-used your nifty class for:

    Makes a public (sortable) list of all available bbPress plugins.

    (Well at least the ones that are in the SVN)

    Be sure to click on the headers for javascripty-goodness.

    (this also shows off my little technique to make “views” output any page you want without hacking the core at all)

    hmmm nice, i miss a download button :) (in the plugin list to download the latest files)

    > hmmm nice, i miss a download button

    You’ll find that in the original plugin. : )

    @ _ck_

    Is this just a proof of concept or are you planning to fork this plugin and start a new one?



    It’s just a proof of concept for play. I wanted a list and “borrowing” your dataset seemed like the fastest way.

    If you changed how your class functions work it would break but I can make the source available to whomever wants.

    I kinda would like a page that loads all plugins made by me, so I can have a page on my website showing the plugins made by me with description and download button, just like ck’s page does.

    Can you release it as a (stand alone) plugin perhaps? As far as I know, SamBauers is admin only…



    feature suggestion:

    change the “install” column to “action” and in addition to the “install” link, create a “readme” link with a link directly to the svn readme. The full path and filename should already be known. If you keep it outside of trac, it can be viewed directly in the browser since the correct headers are sent.


    optionally you could use the curl/fsockopen fetch and format the readme.txt into pretty html with colours and bold so it’s easier to read.

    (you could then also include a direct download link in the “action” column so it would be three lines: “readme” “install” “download” )



    Hmmm I’m trying to make use of this plugin but I’m having some issues – The plugin shows up in the admin and I have enabled it and pulled down the latest list of plugins available – No problems there..

    However, when I try to install a plugin off the list – it creates the appropriate directory and informs me that the plugin has been installed but when I go to activate it – I don’t see it in the plugin list and when I check the contents of the directory – its empty – the permissions on the directory are set to 755

    Anyone any ideas?

Viewing 9 replies - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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