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plugin idea: ignore filter

  • _ck_


    Here’s another feature I’ll need in a hurry

    (which probably means I’ll end up writing it myself)

    The ability to ignore (hide) posts from another member that you don’t get along with.

    The question is, how do ignore filters deal with entire topics started by another member.

    I hope the alpha trunk can deal with this ability since the $where filters are (mostly) removed.

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  • _ck_


    I now have a fully working “ignore member” plugin.

    It allows members to ignore posts by other members that they don’t get along with but are still decent contributors to your forum so you don’t want to ban them. If a topic has a last post from a member they ignore, they won’t see it in the latest list until someone else replies (this is a good idea, trust me).

    You can put a link on every post easily and then the user can ignore any member except the ones you specify ie. you, mods, in the future it will automatically build the list of mods for you in the admin panel (doesn’t exist yet in this beta).

    The user can also easily remove members from their list under their profile edit tab.

    Still waiting for a svn placement but will post on my blog shortly.

    Works in 0.8.2.x and the trunk alpha.

    Grateful for any beta testers who can give good bug reports.

    Show me the money!!! (the code :P), cause I think it can fix a bug I have with my own plugin I am working on…




    @od have used the “ignore member” for 4 months but are about to remove it.

    The “ignore member” has an immediate appeal, especially with some prolific baiters, but since these baiters also add valuable content that others non ignored members respond to, the “ignore member” kind of fragmentises sensible threads. (Some baiters even had fun adding seemingly innocent URL’s, that caused to have other members put on ignored inadvertently, NOT FUNNY!)

    An “ignore thread” would probably be more useful for when a thread goes silly or off-topic, so you can ignore the annoying behavior rather than person.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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