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Plugin Idea: Flaming Topic Plugin

  • On another forum I visit they have a hot topic post where if the topic has a certain amount of posts it will turn into a Flaming File, with fire bursting from the topic folder. This would be a neat little plugin to develop for BBpress

    Just a thought

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  • Easy enough to do

    <?php if (40 <= $topic->topic_posts) : ?>I'M ON FIRE<?php endif; ?>

    Put that in your front-page.php and/or forums.php somewhere inside the parts that say foreach( $something as $topic ), probably best before <?php bb_topic_labels(); ?>. Change 40 to whatever you want the topic to change at and the on fire bit to something… fiery.

    So where does the animated gif go. You would need to create the animated gif of a flaming fire. would that go where I’M ON FIRE is located




    So the key is creating the animated gif, anyone interested in doing that? or is there a free one on the internet?

    Thanks for the help though!!!

    This is a wonderful idea. Please someone with skills assist!

    To the Internets!



    Er, you mean just like the hot-topic plugin?

    Maybe but the hot-topic plugin doesn’t have a bursting flame of fire animated gif and doesn’t work with the latest version of bbpress



    There’s a reason for that. :) Most of us still remember the days of Netscape 2.0, when everybodies website was inside of frames, they all blinked, every frame had a different background and almost every button was some kind of animation.

    We’re all trying to pretend that it never happened. Animated what now?

    The Hot Topic plugin has a flaming icon – you could just replace it with an animated gif instead:

    Or just change this file name in the settings are of the plugin:

    $hot_topic=”<img class=’hot_topic’ src='”.$hot_topic.”hot-topic.png’ />”;

    but it doesn’t work with the latest version of bbpress and where do we find a animated gif

    Google? Animated fire gifs have been around longer than bbPress, BuddyPress and WordPress put together…

    The purpose of a plugin is to allow non expert people like myself to use all of their intelligence to figure out how to download such plugin and so they can make use of it and improve their user experience. It is not to pretend that there is a plugin by inserting code (which they wouldn’t have a clue how to do) in an already non compliant plugin and then search the internet and insert another item into the code of the non compliant plugin (with current version of the software) and hope it works.

    I really do appreciate your help and guidance and suggestions, but I am a layman when it comes to computers and when I am looking for a plugin, I am really looking for a plugin and something that I can just download and have work.

    If you’re looking for broad plugin support, you’re probably better off on bbPress 0.9.0.x for now… it’s going to take some time before a critical mass of plugins works for bbPress 1.0.x.

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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