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Plugin: Gravatar

  • I wrote a simple plugin for Gravatar. I am planning to put files on Extend, but I am still waiting. You can download it from Google Code for now, please visit this plugin’s homepage. You can find a download link and know how to modify your theme in the page.

    It is relatively simple:

    • Gravatar Email field – This plugin doesn’t use user’s registered email.
    • Email Verification – Users need to own the Gravatar Emails which they input.
    • Support Default Image
    • Size customized (1..80px)

    I hope I can hear your thoughts about this plugin.

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  • _ck_


    Nice job!

    That’s a strange feature to use an email address that the person didn’t use to register but you made it work so I guess you made it work.

    Remember that gravatars are going to be allowed up to 128×128 soon (so says Matt).

    Aha… I just realized that I didn’t know users can change their registered email. (I use a Key Master to edit normal user’s profile…)

    I should remove this Gravatar Email field to make code simpler and add another field Use Gravatar?. Maybe add some other features as well.

    I am also waiting Gravatar to allow larger avatar. Once it allow, I will put a new version out.


    I changed my mind. bbPress doesn’t check the validity of new email address and confirm the user really own that new email address.

    I like this plugin the way it is! It is great! Thank you! Don’t forget to add it to the repository as well:



    Thanks for liking it. I already requested, I know it need sometime to get approval.

    I wish I would have seen this earlier. :) I just hacked in gravatar support by using the wordpress plugin. Since I didn’t see any listed in the extensions section I went ahead and applied to have mine added. I will go ahead and delete mine since their is really no point in having two.

    If you have any use for the code I used let me know I can send it on.

    I think there is no need to delete yours. Your porting plugin should have more features than mine. I am too lazy, therefore my Gravatar plugin only has the functionalities that I need. However I will add a feature if someone asks and I agree that is a general need.

    Here is a link to mine:

    From browsing your code mine is way way basic. :) Just one function and one call. Also mine only uses the posters registered email as well.

    Thanks guys, great job :)

    New Version, 0.2. Download the zipped file.

    • Two Gravatar Email Source

      • Use registered email
      • Use additional Gravatar Email field

    • Email Verification – Users need to verify Gravatar Emails which they input
    • Options page (screenshot)
    • Default Image – Supports displaying Default Image

      • Also supports displaying different Default Image based on user’s role

    • Display Name – Shows Display Name instead of Login name if available
    • Customize Size, Rating of avatar
    • Complete Deactivation – Removes options and data in usermeta

    Plugin’s page

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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