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  • kevinjohngallagher


    Not a great title but it’s after 3am here.

    I remembered in October last year _ck_ posted a link to ForumMatrix and it’s information on BBpress:

    Now, if it’s not someone involved with the project that keeps ForumMatrix up to date, then i’m very sorry for asking but right now i find it a good source of “where we’re at”, but ee seem to have PLUGIN listed in every box. The thing is, i dont think we have plugins for some of this stuff.

    For example, where is the WYSIWYG plugin?

    According to forum matrix BBpress has plugins for Full BBcode, WYSIWYG editor, nested quotes, syntax highlighting, multiple file attatchments, acl, blacklist, warnings, suspensions, ip-block, audit logging, user reports, rating/karma system, custom profile fields, split threads, calendar, pruning , archiving, export private messages, lo-fi view.

    Thing is, i dont see any working plugins that do those jobs. Now, i’m more than happy to admit that i may be wrong (be great if i was), but i do find the whole current plugin page a bit of a mess (given that the latest plugins, latest talked about plugins, and the highest rated plugins are generally quite similar).

    Any help in finding working plugins that BBpress is supposed to have would be really helpful :)

    Thank you all

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  • _ck_


    I’ve actually become the maintainer for that recently.

    The problem is their options are VERY limited with no room for details.

    WYSIWYG would be wrong, I’ll go look at that, but bbPress has partial or most of the others.



    Hey _ck_,

    Thought i was the only one here at this time of night (sometimes i forget that it’s earlier/later/not 3am in other places). I wasn’t in any way having a go at the plug-in section, it is what it is, but as i just finished my own set of plugins and the next forum i’m fixing needs some of the things that ForumMatrix thinks we have, i thought i’d double check before opening the PHP book.

    Cheers, kev

    I actually have a WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) working in bbPress… but haven’t released it since I don’t know if we can re-distribute TinyMCE’s software. But it’s really easy to do…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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