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Plugin for moderation

  • alekseevas



    Please suggest a plugin for bbPress, which will appoint a moderator for each sub-forums? To moderators can manage only their individual sub-forum (and other sub-forums, they might not moderate).

    And which a plugin (for bbPress), will enable the board administrator to release some people from the pre-moderation and placed them in order of comments? (To be able to return this function back).

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  • Shmoo


    I doubt someone will make a plugin like this in the near future because it’s listed as a native bbPress feature for 2.7. ( next year at bbPres dev pace )

    If you’re feeling comfy editing the bbPress template files you could make something like this in a very basic setup.

    1) You’d need to add a few different user_roles to WordPress and give each moderator it’s own user_role
    2) Next you’d have to work with conditional PHP tags. For example: PHP -> If [ user_role = xxx AND topic is in forum ID ZZZ ] then –> show the moderation links. IF the above rule is not true –> don’t show them at all and return nothing.

    This isn’t very difficult if you have beginner PHP knowledge or let’s say you’re not afraid to touch the template files on a development install. Never do this on a Live site if you don’t know what you’re doing.



    Shmoo, thank you for help!
    Please tell me whether to allow the plugin User Role Editor (for WordPress) to prescribe the role solely for integrated in WordPress Forum bbPress? (To these roles do not apply to the entire website to WordPress).

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