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Plugin – bbPortal

  • bbPortal 1.1 is now available for download. Running this script for the first time will show an error message. Just ignore it. It just says there is no database table yet, but this will be created as soon as you press submit.

    Other changes:

    – Made bbPortal a plugin

    – Added an admin menu for editing the portal page (admin/content/portal)

    – Fixed a bbPress CSS bug that caused all <h1> and <h2> fontsizes to be different in every browser

    – Changed how the portal’s menu is placed (original #main in the style.css is put back again)

    – Cause bbPortal is a plugin now, chances to the bb-includes/template-functions.php file are no longer needed.

    You can put back the original bbPress template-functions.php file

    You can download it here:

    Happy new year!

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  • OMG found a bug, when posting a reply on a topic, you will also update the portal (with nothing cause you have entered no input). There for teh frontpage will turn up empty.

    So when posting something you will also post/update the portal (think it,s because it also uses the post from the portal)

    How to solve this? Thought using an if would be enough, but it isn’t…


    Hmm its getting stranger and stranger. It isnt the posting when i get this bug, but when i vieuw the admin page (any admin page). Just viewing it (no updating), will cause the frontpage to be empty :S

    Null, I’m not sure what to say, I haven’t downloaded this, and tested this yet.. (I’m not sure how many others did either lol, because there are no replies in here, but your own.. =/ )

    How many downloads have you had for this bbPortal so far? Maybe after some time here (after Holiday deal is over), and people get back into swing of things.. they’d start helping you figure this out..

    I could download it, and try it locally once.. but, I myself is just swamped with stuff too.. :( I’ll see what I can do though. ;) :)


    Thx spenc and 1.1 is dl 22 times and 1.0 over 50. There is just something wrong with the plugin when loading the admin page, its uploading then, but i don’t understand why the hell it does that :)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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