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Plugin: bb-Scripture-Links

  • wittmania


    Version 1.0

    This plugin automatically turns scripture references into links that will take the visitor to, where they can view the verse(s). The administrator can set the default version to one of more than a dozen available versions, including ESV, NIV, KJV, NASB, The Message, and so on.

    The links are created dynamically each time a topic is loaded, so the actual text of the post is left alone. This is nice because it allows you to disable/delete the plugin without having to go back through and edit your posts to remove the extra markup.

    This plugin is ideal for forums that are religious/spiritual in nature, as it will save your users a lot of time from having to hard-code links to passages they reference in their posts.

    This plugin is almost entirely based on a similar WordPress plugin that does the same thing to WP posts. You can view the WP plugin here:

    You can read more about the plugin, or download the latest version of bb-Scripture-Links, here:

    You can see a working demo here:

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