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Plugin alternatives?

  • Greets –

    After having a great time tinkering with bbPress and deciding upon a theme, I’ve turned my attention to plugins.

    Here are some I’ve tried and gotten nowhere with. If anyone has an alternative to suggest (or how to get these working), it would be appreciated.

    “Open_in_new_window” (opens link in new window) – no work-o with Zaerl Editor (IE or FF)

    “Post Notification”, Subscribe To Topics” – both dead

    “Live Comment Preview” – couldn’t understand the instructions

    “Checkbox for e-mail subscription” (the one used here) – doesn’t appear to be available as a plugin



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  • zaerl


    zaerl Editor just add a <a> tag which is the standard way of doing things (nothing more). It seems that bb-open_in_new_window just scan the DOM searching for a elements and append a _blank. So I don’t see a reason why it should not function with my plugin.

    Checkbox for e-mail subscription

    Here we have the trunk version of bbPress (1.1 or 1.0.3, we don’t know how to name it and this is a great problem, really) which introduce anonymous posting and subscribe to topics.

    If you want a plugin that transform links the way you want I can send you the version 0.2 of my plugin “zaerl URL preview” which I have not uploaded to for several reasons (here there is only 0.1).

    za AT

    Z –

    Thanks for the replies.

    “So I don’t see a reason why it should not function with my plugin.”

    And, if I’d actually activated the dang thing, nor would I. Sorry about that. The activation process somehow slipped by me. Works terrifically in both browsers.

    “zaerl URL preview”

    No thanks to that, but I know people are going to start bitching about not having a ‘Preview’ button.

    The only hitch (so far) with “Live Comment Preview” is that I can’t understand his instructions. Maybe you could set me straight:


    <?php add_live_comment_preview(“View Preview”); ?>

    to your topic.php file, where you want to show the preview’s area.

    ie. before the post form something like that

    <?php if ( topic_is_open( $bb_post->topic_id ) ) : ?>

    <?php add_live_comment_preview(“View Preview”); ?>

    <?php post_form(); ?>

    <?php else : ?>


    1. First off, assuming he’s referring to the bbPress file, it’s “topics.php”. And it’s a fairly long file. Would you have a suggestion on where the first line of code should be stuck?

    2. And are the last 4 lines supposed to be part of it? His breaking up a block of code with commentary was somewhat unorthodox.

    Much thanks,


    Z – I got to thinking and decided I’d better double-check and found “topic.php” in the root directory, so I presume that’s the one he meant. I tried slapping all five lines of code into it in three different places and got a ‘Parse Error’ when clicking on a comment each time, so obviously I’m still missing something. Thoughts?




    Assuming that you are using the Kakumei theme open /bb-templates/kakumei/topic.php. The plugin instructions: suggest a good place for inserting that snippet of code. Right after <?php post_form(); ?> (line 45 in Kakumei topic.php template file.)

    Remember: Never touch core files.



    Well, rat farts. I got the ‘View Preview’ button to display, but it’s dead in both IE and FF. Getting an “error on page” message down in IE’s status bar. Tried it with both my theme and the Kakume theme, same dif. I also tried it in a couple of different spots on the page.

    So, is it toast and I should continue the hunt?



    Ask the original author.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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