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Plugin: Add Sidebar

  • This extremely simple plugin adds a “bb_get_sidebar()” function to bbpress, similar to how WordPress comes with get_sidebar(). Once installed and activated, you can create a file named sidebar.php, put it in your theme directory, and invoke it from any theme page using bb_get_sidebar().



    Plugin Name: Add Sidebar

    Plugin Description: adds bb_get_sidebar() to bbpress, similar to WordPress' get_sidebar()

    Plugin URI:

    Plugin Author: Bob Hiler


    function bb_get_sidebar() {

    bb_load_template( 'sidebar.php' );



    Please note that this simple plugin doesn’t automagically pull your WordPress sidebar. It’s simply a lightweight convenience function for making bbPress themes. I was surprised this wasn’t already included in template-functions.php, but bb_load_template() makes this super easy to add.

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