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Plugin active only in certain forum

  • raheelsayeed


    Hi all,

    I’m writing a plugin where all it does is grabs data from Database and shows it in a topic. when topic is clicked ofcourse :)

    I want this plugin to work only if say the forum id is 1,2,3 and this plugin shouldnt show up in other forums or forum catagories. is there any function for this?

    similarly, in Add New form, i want to add some textboxes that should only show up if inside a specific forum

    any ideas are appreciated.

    im using 1.0 rc-3

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  • johnhiler


    Here is some code I use in my header.php, to add a class to an li if you’re inside a particular forum:

    <li <?php if ( $forum->forum_id == 170) {echo 'class="x-chosen"';}?>><a href="/board/announcements">announcements</a>

    Maybe something similar would work for you? Good luck!



    oh sweet!.. that will work,

    I wish there was some more documentation for native apis for BBpress.

    I needed more information regarding the bbpress sql apis. im making another DB, but thought of using the native bbpress commands for it.

    And is there a way i could get an extract of something displayed in the topics view page.


    All topics listed contain the topic title and a small extract from the post with a “read more” tag.

    Basically im looking to grab some other text from a different sql table.



    hi again!,

    Amm, sometimes users tend to ignore tags completely, and just choose what ever they want which really disturbs the whole organisation of the forum.

    I thought about adding a predefined list of tags that the users can choose. For example, how wordpress suggests tags. and all we do is click on them!

    Any direction here could save my forum!

    I basically thought of disabling the tags textbox and presenting a custom set of tags that on click would fill up the text box when posting in certain forums! would this be the right way to go?



    There’s rumors of a wiki-based codex coming up after bbPress 1.0 goes gold! :-) Hopefully that should help with documentation…

    This tag plugin looks somewhat similar to what you mentioned:

    But there are reports of bugs with it. I’m guessing the plugin only works in .8 and .9 versions – tags completely changed in version 1.0, so that may be the issue. Still, might be worth studying the code for inspiration!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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