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Please! I really need help!! The post on the bbPress side cannot show after inte

  • I really don’t know why..i follow step by step the integration WP-BP instruction, and i thought everything’s fine until i found :

    1. why i just can log out and login in on the bbpress side? if i login on WP side, i can’t access admin on BP side!!did i just miss something?

    2. no matter if i login in on WP side or BP side, the post cannot show on BP side!! (my WP’s fine). I thought there’s something wrong with one of the plugins I install. Then I was turned off any plugins on BP but the posts still couldn’t show!

    Pleeaaasee I really need help to fix this.. T.T

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  • Which integration (there are many) steps did you take?

    Clear your cache on your browser.

    Login into you bbpress first then you are able to log into the admin section.

    the last time i remember i follow the instruction from u gerikg (…

    i always clear my cache everytime i wanna use my application…

    yeah if i login from bbpress i can login to both admin…but, is there a way which i can login from WP first???

    and why my post on BP won’t show up??

    Give me a link to your site

    actually, i’m using it for build a portal so it just for internal office use so there’s no link for outsider who wanna look. :-(

    i’m using IIS not apache…is there any relation with that? I guess not :-(

    ouw, and when i did step #3 and #4, the last 3 didn’t lock as it should be…even i repeated again…

    huff…almost frustrating just for this.. :-(

    None of the user integration steps should of messed with bbpcore functions. I know if you tried to do deep integration, which wasn’t in those steps that could of made the forums disappear.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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