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Please Help with BB/WP Header/Footer TIA!

  • Please help. For the life of me I cant get my WP Header/Footer into BB. Ive followed the instructions here: but those seem to be old…Either way, ive gone into my template files and replaced bb_get_header() with get_header() and uploaded all of the files and a screenshot into a subfolder in my-templates. When I activate the theme, the theme activates but all i get is a blank page on my forums page…Any thoughts?

    bb .81

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  • Update: Adding this – <?php require_once(‘/absolute/path/to/WordPress Parent Directory/wp-blog-header.php’) ?> gives me the blank page when going back to my forum

    adding this – require_once( ‘/path/to/wordpress/config/file/wp-config.php’); puts this line of text on top of my forum and does nothing….

    I put both lines in the correct place in config.php with the correct absolute path and neither works…any thoughts?

    I’m working on this today too and followed Aditya’s instructions too and its got me in the right direction– I think what you missed is downloading his “my-template” that pulls all the wordpress header and footer info in for you automagically. It is in the last paragraph “ you can just drop this template” and the link is:

    Anyway, worked for me and only thing left is to customize the forum portions / content area.

    oh, you do need the ‘<?php require_once(‘/absolute/path/to/WordPress Parent Directory/wp-blog-header.php’) ?>’ as the very FIRST line of your bbpress config.php

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for the reply but I have followed those instructions to a T numerous times and nothing works, including downloading that template. This code

    <?php require_once(‘/absolute/path/to/WordPress Parent Directory/wp-blog-header.php’) ?>

    Breaks the forums completely. I only get a white page when going to the URL….

    you’re putting that code as the first line of config.php and nowhere else?

    it might be the way your wp header is set up in comparison to the bbpress templates. mine was completely simple:

    1. add the ONE php require line to config.php

    2. drop Aditya’s files into a subdirectory of my-templates with a style.css with a name section

    3. add bbpress styles to my wordpress theme stylesheet

    4. change template in the presentation dashboard

    Now I wanted my wordpress sidebar so I also added a div tag and sidebar include to those template files but otherwise haven’t had to change anything else.

    Yes I did all of that, but, that one require line breaks my entire forum and brings it to a white screen….I am positive that I am using the correct absolute path as well…

    just to make sure, the abs path should end with wp-blog-header.php correct?

    For instance, mine looks like this

    ‘<?php require_once(‘/var/www/vhosts/’) ?>’

    BAH for some reason this text is getting cut off when i post it! Altered for the point below.

    ‘<?php require_once(‘/var/www/vhosts/

    httpdocs/wp/wp-blog-header.php’) ?>’

    sorry, took a break. that looks right to me, given your wordpress blog is at

    also, you’re missing the semi-colon at the end of the require line – after the end paren ); but you may just not have typed that in here. check for that, it would break a site. Otherwise, not sure. Assuming the bbpress install works fine with the default theme…

    Funny, I never had the ‘;’. I went in and put that in, still no luck…blank page….

    This is getting increasingly frustrating. Nothing seeme to work on my end. I cant integrate these headers and I cant get fel’s bbsync to work…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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