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Please Help – My forum table is not aligning correctly in safari

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  • Lynq


    Try adding this css rule…

    table { width: 100%; }

    Your forum table tag has no width on it at the moment.


    Thanks for your reply.

    I did remove the table width from the css, as it spread the table across the width of the page, making each column really wide.

    This meant that the columns with the numbers (voices & posts) were too big for their content and the Topic and Freshness columns were too small for their content causing those to wrap.

    Any other ideas?



    You could set a fixed width on the table rather than a percent, to make sure it doesn’t go any wider…

    table { width: 535px; }

    Edit: I did test in firebug and adding the width onto the table seemed to be fine, you may want to use the actual classes though, like .bbp-replies etc…

    I put in the table width as auto and then tried 535px on firebug and it works right in front of my eyes, but it’s still not changing it in safari.

    When I put the width as auto, the cells fit the text nicely, which is what I want. Setting a fixed width makes the cells divide equally.

    I have added

    table.bbp-topic tbody tr td, table.bbp-replies tbody tr td {


    width:535px !important;


    to my style.css



    There must be some other CSS which is taking over control of it then.

    If you add the fixed width and then add css rules to the headings of the table to control the width of them aswell, then you can get the exact look that you want.

    Hi Lynq

    Thanks so much for your time trying to help me.

    In the end I copied and pasted the topic content into a new post and previewed it, it was fine, as soon as I put all the tags in that’s when it shifted over!!

    So what I have done is set the bbtopic tags to “float: none” and this seems to have fixed the problem.



    Great, good job!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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