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Please help me… Reward if helped.

  • Can anyone help me, please?

    Im willing to give reward $$ if anyone can fix / reinstall my wp x bbpress integration

    I’ve been trying to integrate wp and bbpress in almost 3 weeks, and I still have lil problem. If you have ever integrated wp and bbpress, or you own bbpress forum, im sure its very very easy. It just that im not a techy person. So i have no clue. I’ve seen so many people here show of their forums, and they can marry the two perfectly.

    my bbress forum is, and the blog is

    I believe I have already (deep) integrated the two, because wp and bbpress have succesfully shared my 100+ blog members. However, there’s something wrong with the theme. The background supposed to be very dark like the main site, after integration, it turned out white.

    Also, theres something missing, in the forum page, there is no login and register button/link.

    Can anyone help me please? Im willing to give reward $20. I know its not much, but im so desperate right now. If its too difficult for u, i can increase $$ litte bit.

    email or messenger me at ipunkbali [at] please please.. thank youuu…

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