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Please help me change blue to gray…

  • helmutforren


    At I recently activated the “Advantage” them, whose home page is . I like it except for one thing. It puts a wavy blue image behind my image. I’d like to have dark gray, matching the menu bar, instead of this image. But I can’t find where the blue is coming from. It does NOT appear to be a theme setting I can change. I can NOT find a clue when looking at the page source while viewing the page. And I have NOT been able to figure it out by viewing the php source.

    Meanwhile, I tried to register at xinthemes and use the forum, but it seems that “User registration is currently not allowed”. So I don’t think I’ll get any help there.

    OTHERWISE, somebody might suggest yet a different theme. I like this one because the body text is much larger than other themes I’ve looked at. And it has a simple clean image up top with menu, not occupying too much space up top. The only other thing I would ask for is for the top to be an automated image slider rather than randomly selecting, so that when you sit on the page it changes on its own. But I don’t want “More Info” button or anything on the image, just a slide show…

    Thanks very much,

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  • demonboy


    The image is coming from your images folder, /images/header_bg.png. If this is a wordpress install then it will be something like Once you have identified this you could either swap it with another image called bg.png that’s just white, or you could delve into the CSS (is there an option to add your own custom CSS in your theme?) and hide the background with .background img {visibility:hidden;}.

    Chrome Inspector or Firefox Firebug are useful tools, if you’re that way inclined. They will help identify elements in the page and where images are coming from.



    Thanks, demonboy. I just changed that image to gray and got what I want.

    BTW, I realized last night that I posted this non-bbPress-related question to a bbPress-related forum. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, thanks for the solution.

    I use Chrome and viewed the source. I’ll look into Chrome Inspector. After a quick google I find it’s just the “inspect element” context menu option. Did it. Opened up detail. Noticed attributes or whatever on right panel of element highlighted in left panel. Couldn’t find header_bg.png as confirmation. Hunted around through detail by moving highlight. Finally found header_bt.png when highlighting “header” begin or end tag. That’s enough usability that I can work with this tool in the future. Thanks. It sure beats the very old way I used to debug html tables by adding a few colored borders and editing those around to isolate the offending table cell! Haven’t done much CSS at all, yet. The class-driven div’s in this header (and probably most) are the new (current) way to do the same thing as used to be done with tables. This inspector can also help me learn more CSS, from the inside out!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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