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Please Help – All my forums keep going defaulting back to the same category

  • My bbpress site is now being tested by joe public.

    Every time one view’s a forum category and then chooses a forum from that category, it automatically takes them to a forum under a different category.

    For instance, if I view…

    Forums, North East, Country Durham, the breadcrumb trails shows that’s where I am, but when I click on the “schools” forum the breadcrumb trail changes to show I am in the schools forum but under a different category – and it’s always South West, Devon!!!

    Why do all my forums default back to South West, Devon ??!!

    When they were created, I chose the correct hierarchy and can view this is still correct from the Forum, All Forums in the dashboard.

    You can see the issues here…

    I would really appreciate someones help with this – THANK YOU.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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