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Please allow changing the display string "Key Master"

  • hlwinkler


    See title. Because it is completely idiosyncratic and bbpress isn’t widely adopted enough yet that it’s idiosyncrasies are common knowledge, it always sounds as if the forum owner chose the name “Key Master”. Because the name calls up images of Ghostbusters or D&D exclusively, it sounds like the forum owner chose a name with very specific cultural connotations which sound dumb out of their own (enjoyable) context. In short, it makes me feel like I’m starting all of my support interactions with people who are putting a lot of trust in me and my product by saying “I put on my robe and wizard hat”. I don’t really want to install and maintain an entire plugin or a second account to deal with this.

    I don’t care what it’s called on the backend or admin side, but it would be very decent to bbpress users to give “Key Master” an alternate display string in the forum where it faces other forum users if they want that, and maintain that feature as part of trunk.

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