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Plase Make BBPress Support for IRAN

  • Hello with all the inconvenience and noise width Adabe service

    Portal BBpress

    My name Sajjad Aghaee student in Informatics

    Am. Beings that I am proud Iranian.

    From long ago with your Association Management System

    Met use and am very happy and satisfied. All projects in the Open

    Iran welcomed by a very good face. Including the project can be referred WordPress

    That Iran was known as the most popular system.

    Willingness to open a harsh slave database

    I am from Iran for BBPress. I opened with

    Commissioning of this base to develop this system in need for. And I

    Say that within a few months I system to rank the best management system 1 to 3

    Society in Iran would become.

    Summary that I can

    BBPress not in place yet and need more support than


    If you wish to setup a database to support

    BBPress for Iran to have contact with me.

    aghaee.sajjad @

    (BBPress the best and strongest

    Portal Management Association in the world)

    Thanks Sajjad

    من به ایرانی بودنم افتخار می کنم. با تشکر سجاد آقائی

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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