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Plain BBpress or Commons In a Box?

  • unclebob1zt


    Hi All!

    I am totally new to BBpress/Buddypress. I have both on my website, and I am learning my way. I want to change my forum layout to look similar to I like their layout better than the style used on the BBpress forum (and mine). How did they create their forum layout? I use Enfold as my website theme, but I see no way to modify the BBpress styling. Should I consider Commons In a Box instead? My goal is for my guest to see more of a “news like” styling, rather than the standard row-by-row forum style. Hope that makes sense! Thanks for input.

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  • Robin W


    It does look good.

    I suspect they created the layout by changing loop-forums.php and loop-single-forum.php templates.

    The general styling can be done using

    bbp style pack

    Try contacting them to see if they’ll release then templates to you. If they do, PLEASE do come back here, and I’ll publish them



    Thanks robin-w! I will investigate more, and also give your bbp style pack a try.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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