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Ping Gautam: Revisiting bb-attachments

  • Steven Hodson


    I realize you (and others) have tried in the past o help with this but circumstances have changed since then which leads to a couple of new problems.

    My host installed a brand spanking new quad xeon Linux server to take care of WP customers such as myself. As a result after getting everything moved over I decided to retry the bb-attachment plugin as this is one feature my members really want.

    The good noews is that the upload now works great – the files go where they are suppose to

    and they get entered into the database correctly

    The problems start now on the display and download.

    TXT files are no problem as they download just fine.

    PDF files display the icon correctly but when downloaded the files are corrupted

    Images have two problems.

    1. they don’t display as they are suppose to within the post.

    2. as with the PDFs the images are also corrupted when downloaded.

    Any suggestions of things to try would be greatly appreciated

    Oh and the forums URL is and you can catch me in the #bbPress IRC channel most times

    Thanks in advance

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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