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“Pick a section” not showing Forums – can’t add new topic from front page.

  • Hi. I run a private forum, but plan to allow some people in…. but, I still want them to not be able to read one of the forums. So.. I set all the current users as Moderators and let them access to the hidden forum.

    The new problem I now have is.. regular members, when posting a new topic from the front page, have a BLANK drop down menu where they’re to pick a forum to post in. When trying to post anyway, there’s this error message: “This topic has been closed”.

    All the moderators and myself can see the drop down forum categories just fine and don’t have a problem posting. The only current option for the regular member, is to create a topic within the forum itself.

    Edit: sorry, posted in the wrong forum. I clicked the post button too quickly before choosing the Troubleshooting forum.

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  • The regular uses still have the option to post in the hidden forum and get the error or on all forums? Not quite sure the exact problem. Could you explain a little more for us people that need to be explained things like we are 5 years old? :) For example, what plugin are you using. What exactly do you see versus the regular users, etc.


    Hi, I’m having the same problem. I’m running bbPress 0.8.3 with allow-images, fix bbPress, notification, and private-forums plugins. Except for the problem (below), everything is running fine.

    Basically, if a regular member clicks “ADD NEW” link on the front page of the forum, their Pick a Section dropdown list is blank, and if they go ahead and submit the new post form, they get an error that the forum topic is closed.

    If same user clicks on a forum and posts from there – works fine. If an adminstrator clicks from front page, it works fine. If I deactivate the private-forums plugin, it works fine.

    Can anyone suggest a way to fix this? Besides deactivating private forums,that is. ;)

    UPDATE: I found out how to fix this, see details in this forum post under Troubleshooting:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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